Best quality fabrics at best prices

At Agatex we offer discount prices  on first  quality fabrics. Based on availability, our sales professionals can help you select from our large inventory of  fabrics. A large quantities of close outs fabrics are always available at reduced prices ( Discontinued fabrics or with small imperfections).


The textile industry is under ever increasing regulatory pressure and consumer demand for high quality fabrics. At Agatex we ensure that all fabrics, including discounted items and close outs, are subjected to rigorous testing and meet all industry and governmental standards in order to minimize risks and protect customers’ interests. All Agatex fabrics are tested visually before shipment to ensure defect free products.

test includes:

  • Stability to washing and dry-cleaning
  • Colorfastness to light, crocking or rubbing, washing, bleaching, etc.
  • Physical tests for strength, abrasion, piling resistance, etc.
  • Chemical tests like finish analysis, pH, etc. 

  • We are committed to immediate response on inquiries, large inventory and stocks, shipping samples prior to delivery, computerized inventory control to ensure accuracy and immediate shipping.